Hi, I'm João and I'm a software developer.

Throughout my career I’ve been involved in projects related to seaports/airports logistics and operations mostly in Angola but also in Portugal. Everything from managing shipping container terminals to developing vessel traffic systems that allow operators to oversee ship maneuevers and automate procedures. Those projects were usually done in c# and in the .net universe.

But ever since I was a kid I was always fascinated by computers and technology and I was specially interested in how games were made. One day I stumbled upon QBasic on an old 386 and started making some games with it. After a while I discovered Linux and C and began coding there. Everyday there was something new to learn and explore, and I loved it. I still think game development is one of the most creative fields in software development, making use of so many different technical and artistic disciplines.

Nowadays I’ve been doing a lot more web development though. Angular and typescript make frontend development a joy and I usually couple it with django or rails on the backend on my projects. I’m passionate about quality in software and I try to implement test-driven development whenever possible.

As for personal interests I really enjoy sports-science and nutrition. I find the way you can increase athletic performance - endurance, strength, speed - with the careful manipulation of activity programming and nutrition variables really interesting. Is our body anything more than a really advanced computer we can program too?